Institute 193's sound label, 193 Sound, partnered with WRFL, Lexington, KY's only alternative radio station, to organize a semi-regular series of concerts featuring music off the beaten path. The first in this ongoing series of performances (to take place at Institute 193) was a performance by Noise Nomads and Daryl Cook on Saturday, January 30th. 

Noise Nomads is the long running noise project of Western Massachusetts based artist and sole member Jeff Hartford. In a steady stream of releases and performances in the underground since the early 2000's he has developed a body of beastly and sometimes humorous homemade sound. His drawings, collages, and photos of his travels are often documented in small edition handmade zines available at shows. The project's name was 
referenced by Kim Gordon in the lyrics to the Sonic Youth song "Sacred Trickster" from their final album and also used as source material in one of her "noise paintings". Hartford also plays in the bands Greyskull and Buddyship among other projects. 

Daryl Cook is a Lexington-based artist who plays his own brand of confounding and fragile improvised electronic music (formerly under the name Walter Carson).