Albert Moser

Albert Moser: Designs

January 12 - February 11, 2012

Albert Moser spent much of his free time wandering the streets of Trenton, New Jersey and Lexington, Kentucky, taking pictures and collecting bits of paper and other objects of interest. Moser later would develop and assemble his photographs into panoramic landscapes, documenting 360 degree views of streets, parks, and shopping malls. The found sheets of paper-–bus schedules, take-out menus, and business flyers-–became canvases for Moser’s “designs,” on which he created intricate geometric drawings using stencils fashioned from plastic lids, air fresheners, and pieces of cardboard.

Moser’s designs are sophisticated geometric compositions that represent a singular quest for balance and clarity in a world full of surprises and uncertainty. The works have no specific orientation: Moser creates them by constantly rotating the sheet of paper, drawing and tracing from a defined center point. He describes the various shapes and forms, “This equals that. This goes with that. This balances that.” Moser has created thousands of drawings over the past decade, entrusting the majority of them to his sister in Lexington.

Designs is presented in conjunction with an exhibition of Moser’s panoramic photographs currently on view at UK Chandler Hospital.

Special thanks to Bruce Burris and Latitude Artist Community.

Installation view