Sameer Reddy

Sameer Reddy. Light As A Feather, 2012, Balance scale, silver leaf, chrome, stainless steel plate, holy water bottle, Smart water.

Sameer Reddy: Apokalypsis Now, curated by Tali Wertheimer
February 15 – April 6, 2013
For Reddy, the roles of the artist and the shaman often overlap. He embraces the notion of using art as a tool for engaging the fundamental mysteries of the human experience, and also for affecting healing on a personal, as well as a societal level. Reddy proposes that aesthetic forms of expression have spiritual potential. In his work, he employs imagery appropriated from religious iconography, advertising, pop culture, and fairy tales, tweaking familiar archetypes to explore and expand the concept of sacredness. His sculptures, photographs, and performance pieces are intended to function as cathartic agents for a viewer or participant, encouraging a transcendent shift in perception.

Reddy’s performance at Institute 193 took the form of a series of one-on-one healing rituals that incorporate symbolic elements of Buddhist thought, Christian baptism, and rites that originated on the African continent. The performance is an experiment in understanding and engaging with doubt; participants did not have to subscribe to any particular belief system.

His exhibition included a series of sculptures and installations that are simultaneously props for his performance and stand-alone pieces that can function independently of the ritual. Reddy considers these works icons, relics imbued with reparative power.

Sameer Reddy, Diamonds and Pearls, 2012, balance scale, paint, natural pearls, synthetic pearls, pearl powder, natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds, diamond powder, quartz.

Sameer Reddy, Good Fortune, 2012, fortune cookie

Sameer Reddy, Untitled (Shame), Untitled (hope), Untitled (reflection), 2013, sheet metal box with black patina, acrylic box, mirrored box.

Sameer Reddy, The Sound of My Voice, 2013, lightbox, silver foil.

Sameer Reddy, Wisdom, 2013, vinyl lettering

Installation view

Performance view

About the artist:

Reddy graduated from Bard College in 2000. His work has been exhibited at Carmichael Gallery (New York), XVA (Dubai), Nature Morte, Grimmuseum, and Tape Modern (Berlin). His writing has appeared in The New York Times Magazine and W Magazine, among other publications. He is the founder of Transformance, a multi-disciplinary healing system that employs Reiki Tummo, Prema Birthing and Rising Star sessions, as well as metaphysical catalysts such as the I Ching, Tarot cards, gem essences, Biogenesis tools, crystals, Tibetan singing bowls and recorded music. 


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