Institute 193 and WRFL 88.1 FM Radio Free Lexington are pleased to present the third in an ongoing series of experimental music performances, curated and organized by Robert Beatty/Three Legged Race.


Tim Barnes is a Louisville based percussionist and sound designer who throughout the years has contributed significantly in the experimental, indie rock, free jazz and pop worlds. He has played live and in studio with the Silver Jews, The Essex Green, Tower Recordings, Jim O'Rourke, Wilco, Stereolab, and countless others, most recently manning the kit for the reunited Royal Trux.

His recent solo performances find him magnifying the minuscule sounds of a prepared amplified piece of wood. Manipulating the surface with springs, coins, and other small objects, Barnes creates an expansive and enveloping electroacoustic sound with very simple means.

Barnes runs the Dreamland venue in Louisville and is in charge of the Quakebasket label.